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Grannies really turn us on. But only if their name is Smith. Proof that the apple never falls far from the tree. Sourced from 4th generation growers in the Adelaide Hills. We didn't search the world for the perfect apples. We found them in our own backyard. We have an eye for the ladies. Pink ladies that is.

Three Oaks Cider

Three Oaks Cider Co. was established in 2008 by the winemakers at Step Rd Winery, Langhorne Creek.
Inspired by their founders desire to produce a premium cider and readied with a name reflecting his Adelaide Hills propeties historic oak trees. Three Oaks Cider draws inspiration directly from the orchard with the aim to deliver a fresh, crisp cider with a wonderfully balanced palate and sweetness.

Our Story

Meet Our Growers

Our growers are passionate souls, having grown up in the orchard over the last four generations, they know a thing or two about apples.

Our growers lovingly tend to the orchard year round, replanting new trees every 3–15 years to maintain yields and flavour profiles. During harvest each variety’s brix, pressure and of course flavour is checked regularly. The lucky fruit is then handpicked at its optimum level, ensuring the fruit doesn’t bruise prior to its on-site juicing.

Our Adelaide Hills apple grower maintains biological sustainable agriculture, while their original orchard and packing shed in the heart of the Adelaide Hills provides the base to juice apples straight from the orchard, fresh and additive free.

Oakbank, South Australia

Adelaide Hills

Our apples are sourced from the iconic Adelaide Hills in South Australia where the small town of Oakbank is said to have been named after English migrant James Johnston.

The region has a long history of apple growing, coming a long way since the 1860s – now producing around 80% of the state’s apples. That’s about 23,000 tonnes of apples a year (the same amount of apples produced by the entire country of Sweden each year).

The region’s soil is made up of fertile clay/ loam, which retains vital nutrients and allows excess water to drain away. Warm days and cooler nights are vital to the ripening of apples while the increased altitude and an annual rainfall of 1000mm produces a sweet, crispier apple-perfect for cider making.

For the Love of Apples

Our apples are all estate grown and selected based on a number of factors including tannin, acidity, sweetness level, aroma and body.

Three Oaks Cider uses the following varieties to create our perfect blend:

  • Pink Lady – A sweet, dense, aromatic and juicy variety. She’s known as the queen of apples for being the all rounder adding sweetness and tannin to the flavour profile.
  • Granny Smith – A tart and tangy variety that has more acid than its counterparts, balancing out the sweetness so you can drink Three Oaks all day!
  • Red Delicious – Highly aromatic variety giving our cider the distinct, crushed apple aroma. The red delicious also brings out the sweetness in the other varieties.

Brewing the Perfect Cider

We start with the ripest fruit which is handpicked, then juiced by our expert growers before making their way to our winemakers at Langhorne Creek.

Fermentation starts with the addition of natural yeast and continues over 10–14 days at a cool temperature. Our winemakers meticulously check baume (sugar) and flavour levels, ensuring the perfect refreshing beverage.

Why natural yeast and cool fermentation you ask?

Well it ensures that we retain the natural fruit flavours so you get that delicious, just took a bit out of the fruit taste!

The result, well, we think it speaks for itself.

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The Ciders

Crushed Apple Cider - 5%

The palate is complex and well balanced, with noticeable fresh, Red Delicious apple notes giving way to a crisp, clean finish driven by the natural acidity in the apple juice. The combination of varieties provides a balance of sweetness, acidity and tannins, ensuring a rounded palate and wonderfully refreshing finish. 5.0% ABV

Food match – roast pork belly with apple and fennel salad, shredded chicken salad.

Available as

  • 50 litre keg
  • 10 pack 375ml cans
  • 6 pack 330ml bottles
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Crushed Apple Cider - 8%

A higher alcohol level is well balanced with perfectly ripe and juicy fruit characters. Freshly crushed red delicious apple aromas continue onto the palate and combine with Pink Lady’s effervescent juiciness with a hint of tartness from our Granny Smith apples. Well rounded and smooth Three Oaks 8% Crushed Apple has a crisp, medium dry finish. 8.0% ABV

Rich and spicy foods such as a smoky chipotle burger or a slow cooked pulled pork on a sweet brioche bun.

Available as

  • 4 pack 275ml bottles
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